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Fire retardant glass panes
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To provide fire safety special fire retardant glass panes can be manufactured, which should guarantee safety of the people in the room.

Wired (Pilkington Pyroshield) glass is a special glass product designed to efficiently restrict fire smoke and hot gases. Its unique property is achieved by electrically welded steel wire mesh (with a mesh size 13 mm²), which is installed continuously in the centre of the glass pane between two melt layers. When imposed to fire, the glass pane breaks but the wire mesh keeps it together. This helps to maintain the integrity of the glass pane and prevents generation of flame and smoke corridors. The installed wired glass pane can be visibly recognised as a fire-resistant glass by the wire mesh installed inside. At the same time Pyroshield glass also provides efficient protection against burglary. Unlike other fire retardant glasses breaking of the glass pane due to minor accidental or intended damage does not impair fire retardant properties of the glass pane. The glass pane will maintain its integrity also when broken and the glass pieces will not fall down or shift from their places. To provide the wired glass pane even with more efficient fire retardant properties it has been specially tested in wide spread fire environment. This is the reason the wired glass panes are used in the whole world in the buildings where windows, partition walls, door structures and glass panes should be extra fire retardant.

Pilkington Pyroshield glass is available in two variants:
• Pyroshield Clear (polished) is a clear glass
• Pyroshield Texture (textured from one side), when transparency is not required

Both glass versions can be laminated with all other glasses of the product range.

Application and design

Pilkington Pyroshield glass panes can be used in partition walls, in emergency exit doors, windows and in front of ventilation openings, everywhere, where restriction of open flames is required. This can also be used in windows with inclined surfaces, since special attention has to be paid to overhead glasses – broken glass may form loose glass pieces. Pilkington Georgian Wired glass does not give protection against UV-radiation.

Properties of Pilkington Pyroshield glass:
• Restricts the spread of flames and smoke
• Pyroshield Clear maintains its transparency even in fire
• Maintains integrity when sprayed with strong water jet used for firefighting
• Can be used in an insulating glass unit and can be laminated with other glass panes
• Readily available and easy to handle
• The glass has been approved by rescue and fire departments of many countries

Properties and sizes

Glass type

Normal thickness

Max size Approximate weight Light transmittance
Pyroshield Texture 7.0 mm 1840x3200 mm 17.5 kg/m2   77%
Pyroshield Clear 6.0 mm 1985x3300 mm 15.0 kg/m2


As previously mentioned, Pilkington Pyroshield glass is available in clear and textured versions, depending on the transparency requirements. Another possibility to achieve visual effects is to laminate the glass pane with other glass panes controlling solar energy or with decorative glass panes.


Construction and application

Pyrostop and Pyrodur glasses differ from ordinary fire retardant glass panes both from the point of view of construction as well as application. They are not armoured inside and they efficiently restrict the spread of high temperature. Pyrostop and Pyrodur fire retardant glasses are composed of laminated glass panes and clear separation layers in-between. The separation layers maintain the transparency of a glass pane up to the temperature of +120° C. But in higher temperatures they start to foam. When glass panes are exposed to the sun, they must be UV-resistant.

Restrictions and quality

There are some restrictions for manufacturing glass panes with inclined or round edges and for glass panes with a round shape. Due to the manufacturing process it is not possible to make arch-shaped Pyrostop and Pyrodur glass panes. They cannot be processed, transported or stored in conditions, where constant temperature is over +40° C. Due to the manufacturing process there might be micro cracks in the glass not visible to the eye but these do not reduce the resistance of glass to fire and heat.

• Pyrodur and Pyrostop glass panes may be used in an insulating glass unit
• To improve U-value a double insulating glass unit may be used, where an external glass pane is an ordinary or a selective glass pane.
• To restrict UV-radiation a laminated glass pane may be used as an external glass in the insulating glass unit
• Pyrodur glass panes belong to the fire resistance category E (restrict smoke and flame) and EI (restrict the spread of smoke, flames and heat).

It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of an opening to ensure that the manufactured glass suits in the opening structure and meets all relevant standards and requirements. The fire resistance certificate is provided to the entire product (for instance a door) and not separately to the glass pane.

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